NORIO produced over 100 professional musicians in Japan for many kinds of music, rock,pops,R&B,techno,many more.. Hideaki Tokunaga,naruko,futari, FLIP FLAP,underwarter(ex.Spitz)..... And own label 'avion records' for the international. NORIO is a Japanese and inspired by his Spanish blood and family. U2 members invited NORIO for their live in Tokyo, and to the backstage meeting NORIO, that's why they knew NORIO's some actions for world peace through NORIO's music works. Also as a DJ,playing techno style, and now doing the remixes for Federico Miranda, who is the most famouse guitarist from the rockband 'Gandhi' in Costa Rica. And doin' some with 'EDITUS' which is the famous group in Costa Rica (Grammy Award 3 times!). And also NORIO is songwriting with the electro group 'Radical animal beat' in Spain. And doin' the songwriting for 'Gandhi'. Now doing the remix version for David Longoria!!! who's got the 7th on Billboard dance chart in USA. Having collaboration and doin' remix for Z-E from famouse Korean dance group 'KOBUGI' who's got the 1st. on Korean chart for 14th weeks.And gonna collaborate with Argentina electro group 'SHH' in London,. NORIO's 1st CD for the international will be released soon. And Norio is supporting the victims in Fukushima,from the earthquake in the east Japan.-----------------------------------------

If you are interested in NORIO's music,send your messages for    info@avionrecords.com  or


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